How are your art prints made?

Our prints are specially printed on recycled paper using vegetable-based ink from a local printer in Massachusetts.

How are your prints shipped?

Our prints are shipped flat in a cellophane sleeve with cardboard backing. The sleeve is placed in a bubble envelope.

Are your prints signed by the artist?

Because our prints are not limited-edition, we don't sign them. But, if you ask nicely, we can have Kim sign and date the back! Drop us a line with the request (and your order number) to

Your prints are great but can I get one in a different color than what's on the website?

Our prints are already made in the color selections you see on the website. The colors were purposefully selected to add an educational component to the prints. We're sorry, but we cannot take custom color orders for our prints.

Why is the letter key a different color than the letter?

For a few reasons. The letter key's color has purposely been muted so you can more easily focus on the numbers and identify the items within the letter. It is also printed on a different kind of paper.