When Life Gives You Lemons...

Lemons by another other name would still be super sour, but they are jam-packed with vitamins including C, B6, A and E which make them incredibly useful. Along with being used to flavor and preserve food, lemons have been recruited to tackle a variety of ailments (sore throat, kidney stones, even high blood pressure; see more below!) AND due to its acidity, can also be used as a house cleaner. Then, of course, there's the lemon's wonderful, crucial role in making the summer favorite, lemonade!

Great info graphic from Organic Facts! 

Great info graphic from Organic Facts! 


Don't wait for life to give you lemons; grow them yourself!

Did you know you can grow lemons from the seeds you find in grocery store lemons? And that lemon plants/trees make great house plants?! If you live in a warmer or tropical climate, you can plant your seeds outside (because they need full sun to thrive), but for those living in a place with more than one season, lemon plants/trees can be both indoor and outdoor plants. It may take a while to get some edible fruit, but what an experience in patience and TLC it will be for your family to grow a fruit tree in your house!

Experiment with lemons!

You've read about what lemons can do, now test them for yourself! Want to make some lemonade? Try these recipes to add a little twist, kick or new taste for your kids to try!  Looking for ways to clean al natural with lemons? Check out these 10 clever ways to do so…and your kids can even help with some of the scrubbing! Or find more ways to add lemons into your family menu. Fish is always a good place to start! Good luck and happy lemon-y experimenting!

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