It's Warm Inside This Igloo!

That's right. Warm. So how could the inside of a "snow house" be so roasty toasty?

Air pockets in the snow make it a surprisingly effective insulator. With outside temperatures as low as -50, inside temperatures range from 20-60 degrees Fahrenheit just using body heat. 

Igloos have been used for many years as temporary and permanent housing in Alaska, the Canadian Arctic, and Greenland. Complexity of construction varied depending on how long the igloo would be used. Some igloos incorporated skins/hides on the interior to help retain heat. Typically, a raised sleeping platform was fashioned, elevating the person into the warmer air higher in the structure.

Oh, and in case you're feeling ambitious this winter, here's how to build an igloo:


Other folks have already been super creative with igloo activities, so why reinvent the wheel? Here's one cute activity where you use cardboard to make an igloo tree ornament. Here's another that's a bit more delicious, making an igloo and snowmen from marshmallows. If you make any of these items, please tell us what you think in the comments below!

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