A Rosebud by any other name

That's as creative a title as I can think of to introduce sleds.  That's right, sleds. I know, I know, you don't want to think about snow right now.  That's ok, because some sleds of sleighs are made to travel on ice, mud, grass, or even smooth stones! However, when most Americans think of sleds, they're on snow and look something like this:

Sleds, sledges and sleighs all come from the same (Old) Dutch word "slew" which means to slide. However you say it, sleds have been around since Ancient Egypt when they were likely used to move heavy stones. Modern sleds can be used for heavy cargo as well, like this sled in Antarctica:




Other than the obvious, "go outside and go sledding," what else can we do? Make an ornament! Here's a cute and pretty easy ornament for your tree or fridge this year. 

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