Make a No-Sew Kimono!

Welcome to Japan, where the kimono has been traditional dress for men and women for hundreds of years! The basic style of the kimono is a long robe with wide sleeves. Men's kimonos are typically made with matte, plain, single-colored fabric while women's kimonos are made from silk and can be decorated so elaborately, they are considered works of art! We're not kidding - there are art exhibits just of women's kimonos!



Grab a scarf (or fabric about this same size as a scarf). Ask you child to hold out his or her arms at shoulder height so you can drape the scarf over his/her arms and roll fabric up to a proper sleeve length. With the fabric still draped over your child's arm, grab the top corner of the fabric draped over the front of the arm. Then find a spot in the fabric draped in the back to tie a double knot to make the wide sleeve. Try about six inches in and six inches from the bottom corner. Repeat for the other arm and you're done!

BONUS: If you'd like to add another layer, you can add an Obi (a sash) to close the kimono. Overlap the kimono fabric over your child's front (like you would with a bathrobe) and tie a ribbon or another piece of fabric to make an obi (sash) around your child's waist.

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