Why Golfers Say "FOOOORE!"

FOOOOORRREEEEEE!! Ever wonder where this emphatic golfing term came from? One popular theory suggests it is a shortened version of the term "Forecaddie" which was exclaimed to give warning to a ball-spotter located further up the course. A second theory is that it was derived from a military term, "beware before", warning soldiers to duck their heads to avoid being struck with the friendly fire of overhead bullets or shells. Fore now (see what I did there?), the term will probably serve as a good means for making your little ones chuckle.

Modern golf is believed to have been created over 500 years ago in Scotland, but more ancient forms of the sport were played in China and Rome. The sport is played with the objective of striking and putting a small ball, with varying golf clubs, from the tee to the hole in as few shots as possible. One round is usually played on a course consisting of 18 holes but can also be played over nine holes for the more casual player.  



Are you asking yourself if it's too early for your son or daughter to pick up their first golf club? Here's some food for thought: Tiger Woods started golfing before he was two years old and Michelle Wei began golfing when she was only four! So if you think it's too early for your little one to get out on the links… think again. Here's an inspiring video about Rory McIlroy to get you motivated. If you're not ready to jump out to a full course, driving range, or even a par three course, head to the closest miniature golf locale to hone those putting skills and to have loads of hole-in-one fun! Don't forget that there are PGA and LPGA tournaments year-round throughout the United States so it's also possible to expose your little golfer to the pros when they come near your home. 

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