Make Your Own Kaleidoscope!

"Kaleidoscope" by photo taken by H. Pellikka - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Ok, be honest. Raise your hand if you have to look up how to spell "kaleidoscope." We can blame Sir David Brewster, the inventor of the device. The word is derived from the Greek words kalos (beautiful), eidos (form which is seen) and skopeo (to look to) [translations from Wikipedia]. What other beautiful forms to do we see everyday and not think twice about? Just as we count our blessings before going to bed, maybe you can talk to your children and list some of the everyday beauty in the world around us.


It's time to make your own kaleidoscope. The good folks at Wikihow have put together a great activity. We won't even try to top it! You can reuse the tube section and create new art during subsequent play sessions

Unless you're a big fan of power tools, we recommend sticking with Method 1. It is much simpler and allows your children to help with more of the steps.

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