Newspaper (yep, still good for something)

Thanks to the printing press, newspapers have been around since the early 19th century. Once the primary method of news distribution, they have declined in popularity in the Internet age. Still, millions of people rely on print newspapers for news, comics, and classifieds.

Beginning in the early 1800s, newspapers were distributed by paperboys for about a century. Young boys distributed the papers on foot around cities for very little pay, eventually leading to a strike in 1899 in New York City. The singing and dancing versions of those paperboys can be found in the movie Newsies.



Find a newspaper. If you need to borrow one from a neighbor, go for it! Wrap the newspaper with a rubber band, folding it in half the long way. Find some fun "newsie" clothes for your child to wear, especially the Newsboy Cap! Make a "bullseye" target on some cardboard and head out to the yard! Have your child throw the newspaper at the target from varying distances. It's harder than it looks! Older children could try hitting the target while riding a bike (be sure to use proper safety equipment, perform this activity in a safe area, and ensure your child's skill on a bike is sufficient to attempt this). And hey, if they get really good at it, maybe they will get a paper route and earn some money for themselves!

Write it and read it!

If your child likes to write, perhaps they could write their own newsletter. There are a lot of great learning opportunities here, folks! Have your children read a newspaper to get a sense of how to write and structure an article. Then, kids can interview family members, talk to neighbors, research topics they are interested in and/or write op eds. The computer is a great writing, dictating and publishing tool, but a pad of paper and pencil will also get the job done (and help kids work on penmanship!). Let their creative juices flow. Read all about it!

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