Ice those Pops!

Ice pops (more commonly known as "popsicles," which is a brand name) are a versatile and quintessential summer dessert. Ice pops as a commercial product began in 1923 when Frank Epperson of Oakland, California patented the concept. He then sold the patent to the Popsicle® brand and the rest is history!



You can make ice pops with just about anything: fruit, yogurt, juice, chocolate, even peanut butter and jelly! Here is a gallery of recipes from Martha Stewart that are sure to inspire. Making ice pops with your children is a great opportunity to teach the kiddos about healthy food as well as the properties of freezing liquids and solids. After all that educational time in the kitchen, you will have created an alternative and healthier dessert option.

Don't have an ice pops tray or popsicle sticks? No problem! Here's another opportunity to be creative! Here are some other household items you can use.

Instead of an official ice pop tray, you can use:

  • ice cube trays
  • muffin trays
  • small juice cups
  • measuring cups
  • kitchen storage containers

Instead of popsicle sticks, you can use (with some alterations):

  • tooth picks (a few clumped together)
  • sticks from the yard (the twigs will need to be scrubbed, but Martha did it!)
  • skewers
  • chop sticks
  • straws
  • cylindrical vegetables (carrots, celery, etc.)

The possibilities for recipes, molds and sticks are practically endless! This makes for a fantastic opportunity to make unique ice pops for the unique children in your life. Happy ice pop making!

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