Waffles: Good to Eat at least 153 Ways!

The waffle. This wonderful, much-loved breakfast food has a long but hazy history. Carb-based food that was cooked on both sides over open fire goes back as early as the Neolithic age. The first time a waffle was made with its checkerboard pattern was in the 1200s, when an iron plate was made to resemble a honeycomb and named "waflia" to reflect that resemblance. Waffles continued to develop and flavors changed as they were exposed to different classes of society. In 1620, "wafles" came to America with the Pilgrims as they searched for religious freedom. It took another 115 years for another "f" to be added to the word "wafle" to make it the word we know today. But waffle irons themselves didn't make it over to U.S. until Thomas Jefferson brought a long-arm waffle iron back from France and started a trend of waffle parties in the colonies. Sweet and savory versions of the waffle developed, but sweet seemed to win out through the 1800s. Waffles hit their stride when on August 24, 1869, Cornelius Swarthout submitted a patent for the first waffle iron in the United States. General Electric comes on the waffle scene in 1911 with the first electric waffle iron. Then the Dorsa brothers introduced frozen toaster waffles called "Eggos" (originally called "Froffles") in 1953 to supermarketets nationwide. Finally, in 1964, Belgian native Maurice Vermersch sells his wife’s recipe for "Brussels waffles" at New York's World Fair and introduces the now famous "Belgian waffle" to the world!


Let's make waffles!

What else would you want to do after learning so much about waffles? Make 'em and eat 'em! You will need a waffle iron, so if you don't have one, do some research before making a purchase/long-term waffle investment. Once you have the proper equipment, here's 153 waffle recipes to spark some inspiration…and keep you cooking for five months! Enjoy!

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