The quintessential summer fruit! It lives up to its name, too – 92% of this delicious fruit is water. Watermelon can be part of your hydration during those hot summer days. Oh, and in case you need ANOTHER reason to eat this yummy melon, it also packs in a bunch of vitamins, potassium, magnesium, thiamine and phosphorus into a two-cup serving. The value of watermelon has been known for over 5,000 years, when the Egyptians documented their first harvest. Since then, this cousin of the pumpkin, cucumber and squash has spread through the world, with the top growers now being China, Turkey, Iran, Brazil and the United States (specifically the states of Florida, Texas, California, Georgia and Arizona.)


Check out watermelon.org!

This website is amazing! Just about all of the info above and below is from this website and it has everything you would ever want to know about watermelon including:

  • How to pick a good watermelon
  • Recipes for all meal times
  • Questions to those burning questions like “Will the black seeds stay in your stomach?
  • Where to find the closest watermelon festivals

They even have a monthly e-newsletter you can sign up for. It’s an amazing resource!

Carve it out!

As mentioned above, the watermelon is a cousin of the pumpkin and as such it can be carved. Check out watermelon.org’s carving gallery to see what you can do with this fun fruit! Don’t worry about artistic ability; if you don’t like how your carving is coming out, you can just eat it!


Speaking of eating, again, watermelon.org will blow your mind with all the kinds of recipes they have that include watermelon. We’re talking fish tacos, kebobs, seafood, smoothies, muffins, you name it! Just search for what you want to make and their search engine will find some incredible concoctions that will make you think about and enjoy watermelon in new ways. Happy cooking, grilling, blending and baking!

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