The Colon: A Curious Pause

The colon: a tricky piece of punctuation to use. The word comes from the Latin word “cola” which comes from the ancient Greek word for “limb”. These two little dots and it’s very close cousin: the semicolon, are considered spacers, helping to identify and express a passage. They do this by providing pauses within a sentence and were originally organized more for elocution (speaking) than for syntax (writing) purposes. In order of length of space provided, we have (seen below): the comma (one pause), the semicolon (two pauses), the colon (three pauses) and the period (four pauses).


Punctuation Pancakes!

The two shapes that make up the comma, semicolon, colon and period: a circle and a circle with a curved tail, can easily be made with pancake batter! The next time you're making pancakes, add a lesson in punctuation! Make a few with curved tails to compliment your circular cakes and you have an educational opportunity on your plate. Yum!!!

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