According to punctuation.com, the apostrophe's purpose is three-fold: showcasing "contractions, plurals and possessives." Examples include:
- Contraction: "This blog's awesome!
- Plurals (most rare use): "The A's in the Artful Alphabet are made up of 26 objects.
- Possessives: "The apostrophe's purpose is three-fold."

This small little mark that resembles the comma and quotation marks has quite distinct and important roles! Here is a fun info graphic from The Oatmeal to help you and your kids learn how to use apostrophes. 



Play some games!

There are a ton of online games that feature proper use of apostrophes. Take a look at a few below! If you don't like what you see, a quick online search will find a gabillion more! 

The BBC has some quick and fun online games to test your apostrophe-using skills! You need to get the questions right to save your friend from getting slimed! 
- All about possessives
- General use of the apostrophe

Learning games for Kids has a one where you place a mark where the apostrophe should go in a word. (You get an "all right!" for every right answer!)

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