Home Sweet Home

Houses and other dwellings come in many different forms, sizes, materials and colors and are called by different names. But no matter what it looks like, there is always something uniquely personal that transforms that house, apartment, yurt, you name it - into a home.

All photos of houses from around the world, provided by Wikipedia.

All photos of houses from around the world, provided by Wikipedia.


Take a tour of your own neighborhood and town/city!

When I was in elementary school, I had the very interesting assignment of traveling around my town and photographing different/unique/appealing architeural features of houses in the area. I remember this project because it helped me see houses in a different way. On top of that, I got to practice taking photos to document and display the features I thought were worth noting. So try this with your crew! Grab a camera or a smart phone and go exploring! If you are not comfortable taking photos of strangers’ (or neighbors’) houses, bring sketchbooks and pencils instead. Drawing is another wonderful and creative skill for your children to practice!

What do you love about your home?

This may start out as more of a conversation and can grow into an activity. Simply ask your children what they like about your home. Lead by example and start the discussion by sharing what you like. Is it how the light comes through a particular window in the morning? Do you have a favorite reading spot? Do you like how the floor makes a funny creaking sound? Do you love the super-soft afghan that is always on the couch? Anything goes! Once you’re able to identify those special features, celebrate them in whatever way you and your children want! Have a special picnic in a reading nook or play ring toss on top of the creaky spot on the floor. Just have fun enjoying your home! 

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