Make your own (edible!) Wagon!

Even though the wagon above is in Walnut, everyone knows this style of wagon in its original color of red. Whether you had “a little red wagon” or you knew someone who did, it most definitely conjures up childhood memories for generations of kids. The creator of the little red wagon was an Italian immigrant by the name of Antonio Pasin, the founder of Radio Flyer. He started building wagons out of wood in 1917 and sold them for less than $3. Changing with the times, he soon started building wagons from metal and painted them red. Despite the Depression, his exhibit at the World’s Fair in 1931 captured the imagination of the nation and world through Antonio’s dream of wanting every boy and girl to enjoy this “little red wagon”. I’m not kidding – even during the worst parts of the depression these wagons sold at 1,500 per day! Pasin had to apply mass-production techniques to keep up with demand, which earned him the nickname of “Little Ford”.

Radio Flyer Ad from the National Toy Hall of Fame website:

Radio Flyer Ad from the National Toy Hall of Fame website:


Make a Wagon Snack!

Need a healthy snack to take with you on your next wagon ride? Use Cucumbers for wheels, pretzel sticks or carrots for axels, red pepper for the wagon bed and you have yourself your own (really) little edible red wagon! Now you have a delicious and healthy container (that your kids can most definitely help you make) to fill up with even more healthy snacks! Happy wagon riding! 

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