Mouthing Off!

The mouth: it's pretty awesome. It helps you coming and going: consuming food to keep you active AND allowing you to communicate. Made up of teeth, tongue, among other helpful body parts, this is an important part of your body to get to know and appreciate. Every piece helps you speak your mind and enjoy delicious treats! Here's a quick overview to help start the conversation: 

Diagram of mouth, courtesy of

Diagram of mouth, courtesy of


Mimick-y Mouth

To help your wee ones learn more about their mouth and the awesome things it can do, start taking notice of the mouths of characters in the books you frequently read with your kiddos. The mouths of characters are crucial to depicting common emotions; smiles depict happiness, frowns sadness and anger and oval mouths as surprised. Start mentioning these emotions when you read and challenge your child to mimic the same mouth movement as their favorite characters in the story. It can be a lot of fun, especially when they start doing it on their own! I love my kiddo's surprised face because it is SO exaggerated, I can't help but laugh…and feel immensely proud that he understands the emotional connection he is making! 

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