Yulan Magnolia

This gorgeous white flower is also known as the "Jade Lily" and has been cultivated in China since the Tang Dynasty in the 600s CE. Because it was so revered, to the point where these flowers were considered "fit for an emperor", it was the first magnolia to be transplanted from China to Europe in the 1780s.

While this tree blooms in February, it is still a beautiful and honored sign of spring. Each flower has nine petals and blossoms even before the leaves grow. Trees can grow up to 35 feet and you can see these gorgeous specimens and their gnarled trunks on streets and Buddhist temples alike throughout China...and, now, the world!




Make your own magnolia wreaths!

If you have access to a magnolia tree, you can have fun with your kids making beautiful magnolia leaf wreaths - check out this blog for a quick tutorial! Then adjust the skill level and complexity of the wreath based on your children's age(s). Enjoy!

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