Crazy About Carrots!

Carrots are crazy fascinating. We recognize carrots for their edible orange taproot, yet there are also yellow, purple, black, red, and white varieties. Carrots were originally grown for their aromatic leaves and flowers in Central Asia with records dating back to thousands of years ago, BCE. The first documented record of eating the carrot's taproot as a root vegetable came from the Romans in the first century.

Carrots have a lot of cousins, too. They are closely related to the root vegetable, parsnips, as well as parsley, cilantro, coriander, fennel, anise, dill and cumin - all of which are grown for their leaves and seeds. 

We know carrots are good for us, but what do they bring to the table (literally)? Among many vitamins, carrots pack a punch with Vitamin A, which helps increase immune system, and ensures healthy eye and bone development.

Colorful carrots! (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Colorful carrots! (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)




Of course! A wonderful feature of carrots is that you can eat them in a variety of ways. If the raw carrot isn't popular in your house, you can shred, cook, and/or puree it and add it as a glazed side dish, a juice or a baked good! While your kids enjoy something a little sweeter, they are still getting the vitamins they need. It's a win-win!


Carrots provide a lot of creative inspiration in their compact conical little package. Carrots can physically be used as an art tool by using the carrot as a stamp and the leaves as a brush. The simple shape is easy to replicate with paper and even toilet paper rolls. The harvesting of carrots can be a fun exercise, too, building a garden bed and then "plucking" out the carrots. Carrots can also be other colors than orange, so that provides the opportunity for more color use when creating anything carrot-related, too! We liked how shares 25 quick crafts that reach a variety of age and skill levels. Happy exploring and crafting with carrots! 

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