Eggs really are Incredible...and Edible!

Eggs are pretty amazing. We tend to only see (and eat) chicken eggs, but the eggs found in the animal kingdom - on land and in the sea - come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are incredible nutrient-providing shelters. The largest egg ever recorded is almost a foot long and belongs to the Whale Shark (though the eggs normally hatch within the female). In the bird world, the ostrich is the winner for largest eggs at 7"x5" (a standard size for greeting cards!) and the bee hummingbird wins for smallest (.02 ounces).

The direct connection to life that eggs embody create an appreciation and metaphor that has been brought into cultural and religious traditions. The most prominent one is tied to Easter where eggs are dyed various colors and in some cultures, painted with intricate designs. 

Beautiful rendering of 72 kinds of eggs -  Nouveau Larousse Illustré , edited by  Claude Augé , published in Paris by Librarie Larousse 1897-1904, this illustration from vol. 6 p. 473 - as seen on Wikipedia!

Beautiful rendering of 72 kinds of eggs - Nouveau Larousse Illustré, edited by Claude Augé, published in Paris by Librarie Larousse 1897-1904, this illustration from vol. 6 p. 473 - as seen on Wikipedia!


Go bird watching!

If you want to see eggs in nature, try bird watching! National, state and local parks and recreation centers have classes and guides that will help you discover nesting areas. Have fun exploring the great outdoors (and when you find eggs, remember not to touch them!)

Craft with eggs!

There are so many possibilities that it's hard to find just one site to reference for ideas. (But I found one!) You can decorate real (boiled!) eggs; or blow out eggs to decorate the shells only; make necklaces or little animals with plastic eggs; draw, paint, mold or piece together materials into the shape of an egg; there's so many possibilities! See what supplies you have around your home and go to town!

Time to cook!

There are so many ways to cook an egg on its own...and then you can bake with them too! Exploring how eggs change when they are cooked in different ways can be a great way to engage your kids in the kitchen and get some protein in their systems! Eggs are great for any meal, snacks and desserts. Omelettes can be particularly fun because you can add vegetables into the mix and create a colorful incentive for your kids to eat some healthy meals. Happy cooking!

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