Tulips are the Tops!

Tulips have traveled the world and have made quite a name for themselves! Best guesses suggest that tulips originated in/around Eurasia and the Persian gulf and they began being cultivated in 10th century. They were so abundant in spring that Persian poets wrote poems about the flower (in the 13th century) and it even appeared on currency in this area of the world. Bulbs were offered as gifts between kingdoms and empires throughout many years and thus began the tulip's trek across the globe and the development of 75 wild species of this beautiful bloom. 

The first place the tulip was grown in the United States was around Spring Pond in Lynn and Salem, Massachusetts by Richard Sullivan Fay, Esq. in the 1850s. He purchased 500 acres of land and bought plants from around the world - including tulips - to plant at his home, Fay Estate.

Today, you can find tulips just about everywhere in the world, but not in as much quantity as in Holland, where it is a booming industry. According to Holland.com's website, the country's longest tulip route can be found in the Noordoostpolder in Flevoland. There is over 100km (62 miles) through nearly 2500 acres of colourful fields of just tulips. That's amazing! It may be too late to visit this year though, because usually at the end of April, tulip growers will cut off the tulip flowers so the plant can focus its energy on creating more bulbs!

A great display of the variety of color and shape tulips have in the wild.

A great display of the variety of color and shape tulips have in the wild.



Plant some bulbs!

Kind of obvious, I know, but gardening is a lot of fun with wee ones. There's dirt and digging and pouring water on the ground. Those are almost universal guaranteed components to a good time with a little kid! The best time to plant tulip bulbs is in the fall before frost sets in (September-November), but if your kid has tulip fever, you can easily buy bulbs in any garden or home improvement store and try your luck. Pick a sunny spot in the yard (or a pot to keep inside), dig a hole three times as deep as the bulb is long, plant, cover with soil and water well!

Make your own tulips!

If gardening isn't a good fit, you can make your own tulips! Here are 21 ways to creatively explore tulip-making! You can use glitter, paint, forks, clothespins, lots of paper, and more, so you can start crafting right now! 

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