The Artful Alphabet™

Is it a truck or a lorry? Both!

Trucks aren't just for getting around town with mulch in the bed, they are the mainstay of the transport business in many countries. Trucks (called lorries in some parts of the world) have been around since the late 1800s. Since then, they've been powered by steam, gasoline, and diesel. Some trucks are relatively small, like the Toyota Tacoma. Others are so large, they haul other vehicles!


Draw the truck of the future!

One fun activity for older kids is to show them the "pickup truck evolution" photo here. Based on the past and present versions of the pickup truck, let the creative juices flow and imagine (and draw) the pickup truck of the future!

Find that truck!

You can play this game just about anywhere, anytime. When you're driving or taking a walk in your neighborhood, keep an eye out for trucks driving along the way. Comment on their color, size, number of wheels and any distinct features; then see what your children notice too! If you are traveling on a busy stretch of road, there is potential for endless conversation here - enjoy!

Read Farmer Dale's Red Pick Up Truck!

Another activity is reading my favorite children's book, Farmer Dale's Red Pickup Truck. It's rhyming and just plain old fun to read. Plus, it helps you and yours kids see how much a truck can handle! 

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