Make and Play a Guitar!

What has a neck, a body, a heel, strings and frets? If you're thinking it's your distressed child after you've caught them breaking into your precious yarn stash, you may be right. Something else that has all of these components in common is a guitar! Whether you're rocking out to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the Beatles or Lynyrd Skynyrd (Free Bird!) or you're appreciating the art of classical guitarists like Andres Segovia or Pepe Romero, you're hearing this magical stringed instrument in all it's glory. The guitar has been around for centuries and is now used in just about every musical genre imaginable, including rock, country, jazz, blues, folk, metal, flamenco, mariachi, punk and many more. There are also different kinds of guitars like the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and rhythm guitar to name a few. You can play the guitar with your fingers or a pick and can change the way the guitar sounds based on how you tune it. Essentially, the possibilities are endless so if your little one likes what they hear when Layla (by Derek and the Dominos) comes on the radio, stick the axe in their hands and let them jam! If they want to learn some beginner songs (especially ones they may already know), you can start them off with songs for kids like those found on



Don't have a guitar? Don't fret. (HA!) Check out this awesome activity for making your own guitar at home from

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