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I have heard wonderful feedback on our products and how they are engaging your kids! Here are some comments of your educational adventures:

"I saw your work initially at a street fair in Arlington. I was so struck by it I got two prints for my kiddos that day and this recent order was for my nephews:) I plan to get more for future gifts. You really tapped into something here and I give you serious props..." - Ariel W.

"I got the letters and we love them!   I wanted to share with you that the letters are for my new nephew Finn.  What's special about this is that the little man decided he was going to come into this world on his time and was born at just 24 weeks weighing in at 1lb 7oz. So the letters will adorn his room in the NICU to brighten up the space for the next few months and then we're all hopeful that we'll be hanging them in his room at home when he's strong enough to leave." - Liz P.

I am happy to share that at 1 1/2, my son (now 2 1/2) could happily recite his initials without prompting. He could also point to and name some of the objects. At 19-months, our kiddo was identifying alphabet letters out of context and order…he would just walk up to a cardboard box and say "B" (and be correct)! It's AMAZING to behold! He has his initials as wall art in his room and my husband and I have been talking to him about each letter and the objects within them on a daily basis. So, needless to say, these results alone have made all the work to create The Artful Alphabet™ ABSOLUTELY worth it!